KG DataServe Limited

Experience in IT Infrastructure For more than 9 years, we have identified some of the problems and needs of system administrators in the Data Center for example, move the system in the room. To install a new location Or moving all equipment From these requirements, it was managed under the name "KG Dataserve" with the idea that. “Everythings we move are not just hardware, but also important customer information”

We believe that the most important thing in the customer's system is the information we personally focus on developing the service to be more effective. To reduce the risk. Hard to control, such as heat, equipment, lighting, humidity, cooling and data center management. It is well worth the expense in the short and long term, because the customer's information system can not assess the damage. If only to stop for a second.

KG Dataserve Limited

KG Dataserve Limited was established in 2015 as a part of KMIT Group.
KG Dataserve business moving computer hardware in Data Center. It is important to the customer for example, a host computer. Network equipment and other IT equipment. All in the data center. With a team of experienced professionals moving from the existing site to a new location. Or move within the original building. We also provide consulting services in the design, data center and real estate. With a team of certificates from leading institutions.

KG Datacenter is leading We provide professional services in moving and consulting. Data center to be the leader in providing professional services for relocation.Data center and consulting

It will improve the quality of the service and the system to maintain and maintain the information for maximum security. Best consulting to meet customer driven demand. With innovative and innovative.